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We Specialise In Online Marketing Integration (SIOMI)

Need an expert team to co-ordinate your digital marketing?
Need assistance with online or offline collateral?

We work with companies to optimise market place presence.  That is our business.
Contact us to see how we can help you by analysing, designing and integrating your marketing activity for optimum gain.

Our job?  Simple.  Support your organisational goals and objectives.

How?  We listen, advise and plan for the best outcomes.   We deliver solutions for your business, from websites to full branding overhauls.  We know how to create recognisable, stable branding that will make you money.

How?  We have a a dedicated expert team of designers, web developers and writers.

Web Development

We know how customise functionality and create an aesthetic design framework to meet your needs.

We also look after you long term.  We make sure that your website is a long term flexible solution  that is updated when you need it and kept fully functioning, across digital platforms and browsers.

We are integration specialists including:

  • E-commerce
  • E-mail marketing
  • CRMs

Graphic Design

Siomi provides high quality print media for all your print requirements

  • business cards and logos
  • brochures & flyers
  • exhibition banners
  • promotional booklets
  • magazine and newspaper advertising
  • business stationery

More on Websites for the Tech Savvy…

New business website?  Website set up options

We customise your sites with your needs in mind.  We can do everything for you or you can do some DIY.  We are not only expert developers, we are exert trainers.

DIY? We quickly get you up and running.

We can install WordPress and plugins, making sure everything is set up with your configuration needs.  This may include integration with cloud services such as MailChimp and JetPack, as well as payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe and Square.

You can then focus on choosing a theme and adding your content.

So… if you do want DIY…. extra support is always available as needed.  For example, you may need help setting up email addresses on your cPanel, or with theme customization of your site, or advice choosing premium plugins, or integrating different cloud services. If you wish and have the skills, you could build an equivalent to Pro Shop or LMS yourself on top of just the Standard Hosting.  This would save you some cash, however you would be responsible for maintaining and updates.  Also you may wish to warn us of busy times, so we can negotiate extra system resources when necessary – for example when you are running sales promotions, ticketed events, or large-class quizzes.

Hosting Plans

Pay only for the support you need – ranging from “you do everything” to “we help you with everything”.


Web Development Plans

Pay up front or go on a monthly plan ranging form “you do everything” to “we help you with everything”.


Siomi talks WordPress…

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Google Changes Affecting Your Website

Here's some timely advice from Anne Leuman at Top Rank Marketing.  You will have heard about HTTPS now being practically essential for your web site, and there are other aspects that also critically affect your search engine optimisation.  We can help you stay on top....

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CMS-LMS Integration – WordPress and Moodle

CMS-LMS integration. How and Why. Most people are familiar with a CMS (content management system) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, etc. These are great for building web sites and there are some very effective plugins for extending these into e-commerce and...

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Making Sense of Page Builders

We look at three of the latest in templating frameworks and page builders - Divi Builder, Elementor, and Oxygen. This article is primarily for web site owners, just taking over their new site created by a web designer in the Wordpress CMS (content management system)....

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