Here’s some timely advice from Anne Leuman at Top Rank Marketing.  You will have heard about HTTPS now being practically essential for your web site, and there are other aspects that also critically affect your search engine optimisation.  We can help you stay on top.

Read the article at the link below, but in brief:

  • Traffic and rankings will fall if your site is non-HTTPS.  We do this for all our clients free-of-charge if they host with our provider.  A fee may be charged if hosted elsewhere, depending on the complexity on that host.
  • Page speed on mobile is a ranking factor.  We help you keep your mobile pages light and fast-loading.
  • Google Ads offers more automated tools for optimising your ad campaigns including Google Smart Campaigns.  We can help you make the most of these cost effective features.
  • GDPR (European data retention laws) is not just for Euro-sites.  It affects everyone.  We can help you stay compliant.

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