Update WordPress for SSL

Update WordPress for SSL

After your SSL certificate has been installed on your web site hosting, you may still have some issues with “mixed content” on your pages throwing up warning messages in your visitors’ web browsers. This will make them nervous about visiting your web site. I’ve...

Recover a Web Site with the Way Back Machine

Have you ever had a web site go down? If you can’t restore from regular backups, you might be able to get an archive copy from the Way Back Machine. The Way Back machine has been quietly archiving web sites for a few decades now. So, if something went horribly...

TEDx Gympie Site Walk-through

Establishing a web site for a new small business raises a lot of questions, some of which go far beyond just the web site and into the nature of the business itself. Web designers often need to understand the business and its goals as well as the products and...

WordPress Menus and a Landing Page

The popular web site builder WordPress has a very flexible menu editor. Here are some tips to help you understand how it works so you can make best use of it on your site. We also show how to make a Landing Page – which is a page not (normally) accessible from...

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